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The first all-in-one solution for team travel

Our packages are designed to save you time on research, planning and organising your company retreat, all-hands offsite or meetup.

Organising team trips has never been easier


One powerful platform

Spending countless hours researching on Google and travel sites is a thing of the past. NextRetreat combines everything you need to plan your trip in one easy to use solution.

Designed for teams

We understand the level of planning and detail that goes into organising a team trip. NextRetreat is designed to make the lives of teams and team travel organisers easier.

Curated locations

Waste no time and effort crunching through countless unfit places. With NextRetreat, you can focus on curated destinations that have been chosen specifically because they’re well suited to team retreats.

Human support

We’re not a faceless system. In addition to our unique, proprietary technology that makes team travel organisation a breeze, there are also real Retreat specialists on hand to help you.

Choose your package

NextRetreat App

Ideal for efficiently self-organising a team trip of any size, saving up to 90% of your time.

€119 / month

Free 1-month trial

Without any additional costs

What you get:

All NextRetreat App features
108+ Destinations for teams
Access to the full venue inventory
Add unlimited number of team locations
Create unlimited number of Trips

Concierge package

A personalized package for teams with 20+ members featuring full support to organise your team trip. Learn more

€49 / team member

€50 one-time deposit payment How do we calculate?

What you get:

Everything included in our NextRetreat App package
Your Dedicated Retreat Specialist
A tailor made Proposal
1-on-1 calls, consultancy
Professional help with research, planning & organising your team trip
Ongoing support until the end of your stay

Used by teams across the globe

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WeTravel logo
“NextRetreat is amazing to help research and plan company retreats. As a Remote-First company, WeTravel organizes a large all-hands retreat each year and with our fast growth, we now also have smaller team-specific retreats. NextRetreat's automated platform saves us tons of time in destination-finding and planning!!”
Johannes Koeppel

Johannes Koeppel

CEO, WeTravel

Hotjar logo
“NextRetreat team took great care of us and made sure our company meetup involving 60+ people was memorable and hassle-free. During the event, they were always on site and providing loads of behind the scenes support. They did a fantastic job! I highly recommend them.”
Ken Weary

Ken Weary

VP of Operations, Hotjar logo
“We decided to partner with NextRetreat on our first company-wide in-person meeting. They supported us along the way not only with finding accommodation or local activities but also with their experience planning events for large groups. Everyone had a great time, including our event organizers!”
Gosia Polubinska

Gosia Polubinska

Head of HR,

CM Commerce logo
“Thank you so much for hosting us, we had an amazing time! Host was incredibly helpful in every way and made our stay extra comfortable. We will miss the incredible views from the office and the amazing Coffee machine the most! We got a lot of work done and had some lovely chats and socials around the pool. Thanks for everything!”
Xandra le Roux

Xandra le Roux

HR, CM Commerce

GraphCMS logo
“We, at GraphCMS, had our company retreat in Gran Canaria recently, and it was an amazing experience as we got to meet a lot of our team mates for the first time in person. We are a remote-first company with people working from about 17 countries. It was a great experience organizing this event with NextRetreat!”
Gargi Mahapatra

Gargi Mahapatra

Senior People Manager, GraphCMS

Apiax logo
“We went to Tenerife with the whole company. Our venue provided everything from a tennis court, an in-and outdoor pool up to a working space. It was a very special experience for everyone and proved to be a success not only business related but also for strengthening our company’s culture”
Nicolas Blanchard

Nicolas Blanchard

Co-founder, operations and finance, Apiax

Hotjar logo
“I have to say, from my side the meetup was an absolute success! I have no words to express my gratitude for how well you planned the whole meetup, often with little or confusing directions from my side, I am really impressed. In general, here at Hotjar we have had only positive experiences so far working with NextRetreat and I hope we can still do it for a long time.”
Eva Casini

Eva Casini

Executive Assistant, Hotjar

Stacker logo
"I cannot recommend NextRetreat highly enough! We planned a 5 day retreat for 41 people which was a huge success and I don’t think we could have been half as successful without NextRetreat."
Stephanie Hobbs

Stephanie Hobbs

People Ops Manager, Stacker

Any questions? We’re here to chat!


How does the 1 month trial work?

It’s straightforward. You can sign up for the NextRetreat app and select a 1-month trial during your sign-up. You don’t need to enter your credit card information. When your trial ends, you won’t lose any data on your account, but your access will be limited to view only. We will inform you via email well before that with an option to upgrade to premium. You can, however, upgrade at any time.

Who is the NextRetreat App for?

The NextRetreat App is a tool made for people who plan trips for teams. It helps them save time and effort by putting everything they need in one place. Before, they had to spend a lot of time searching on Google and different travel websites to plan the trip.

With NextRetreat, they can easily plan the trip, find a good place to stay, and create a schedule for the team to follow. The app also helps with managing the team members, travel data, and survey, making it easier to plan the perfect trip for the team.

What’s the difference between App package and Concierge package?

App: This is ideal for self-organisation, providing everything you need to research, plan and organise team trips efficiently. The NextRetreat app now offers a free 1-month trial for every new user who registers. After the expiration, you can subscribe to get unlimited app access and organise an unlimited number of trips. Quarterly and annual subscripton offer discounts against a monthly subscription plan.

Concierge: This is our personalized service, where we collect the information we need to prepare your tailored proposal. You can learn more about Concierge here.

No matter which package you choose, our Retreat specialists will be on hand to assist you on your journey.

How much does it cost to organise a team trip?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The cost will vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Destination
  • Team size
  • Length of trip
  • Requirements and preferences
  • Company budget

As a rough guideline companies spend, on average, 1,000€ to 2,000€ per team member.

Is NextRetreat App suitable for large teams?

Absolutely! We designed NextRetreat for teams from 10 members up to 500 members. Our solution puts you in control, allowing you to research properties based on your specific requirements, such as the total number of rooms needed.

If you have a larger organisation with more than 500 members, you can use it for any number of your smaller teams, like organising all-hands team trips for various departments.

Can I use the NextRetreat App to research or book accommodation?

Most certainly, you can! In the NextRetreat app, you will find venues that you can find on Booking, Priceline, Agoda & other sites, but you will find only those suitable for teams. That’s not all. We also have our network and work directly with hotels and private property owners. Combining all these streams into a single inventory turns the NextRetreat app into the best tool to research and book venues most suitable for team trips.

Can I use NextRetreat App to research or book flights?

Researching? Yep, no problem! Booking? Unfortunately not.

The NextRetreat app allows you to research destinations and flight connections to provide an estimate of costs and travel time. Flights can be previewed in-app, but you’ll have to book them on your preferred site, or with one of our partners.

Do you offer any solution for TMCs or travel agencies?

If you’re interested in using NextRetreat for your clients, reach out to us to learn more about available options.

How does your pricing work?

Excellent question. Our mission is to be fully transparent and forthcoming about pricing. Therefore, we never artificially raise prices for the services like accommodation or activities. On the contrary, we usually have more favourable prices than you can get when inquiring. It’s due to several variables, especially our excellent network of providers and group discounts we negotiate on your behalf.

There are also no hidden fees or contracts. With our Concierge package, you pay a service fee of 49€ per team member travelling, and the NextRetreat Application starts at 99€ per month with a 1-month free trial for every new account.

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