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How the NextRetreat app works

Each team trip is different. But there are repetitive and time-consuming tasks that could and should be automated. With our app, built on years of experience with organising team travel, they finally are.

Features tailored for team travel

Prior to NextRetreat, organising team travel involved spending countless hours on Google and travel sites comparing flight options, researching destinations, looking into venues, comparing team member’s availability, and various other tedious details.

NextRetreat combines all of those elements in one easy to use solution, making team travel organisation a breeze. Our platform provides clear and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, contracts, or special software.

Because we’ve worked with dozens of teams, we understand the level of planning that goes into organising a team stay.

NextRetreat is designed exclusively for team travel, solving common pain-points such as finding a venue that has the right size, amenities, meeting facilities, number of rooms, and sleeping layouts that you need to make your team stay successful.

One of the most challenging aspects about organising team travel is picking a date. Finding a block of time that works for everyone’s schedule and an available venue can feel like an impossibility at times. NextRetreat’s Sync Calendar compares airports in your original locations and selected destination, thousands of return flights and other data, helping you choose the right dates for your trip.

The results include a calendar matrix – departure & check-in on X axis and return & check out on Y, and the share of team members who can fly to the destination on specified dates based on flight availability. If your date range shows 100%, that means there are same day flights for all team members. If it shows less than 100%, click on the range to see which locations do not have a direct connection.

Depending on the size of your team, organising a trip can take a lot of time and effort. Our team of Retreat Specialists are here to ensure you don’t miss any details and can help with designing your schedule.

Whether your team needs airport transports, a flipchart, better internet or desires surf lessons & cooking classes, we have a network of trustworthy local providers in every destination that we can connect you with or book on your behalf.

Unfortunately, changes and accidents can happen. You may need to add or remove some team members, contact a venue owner, or even cancel the trip altogether. We are here to assist and can manage all communication for you. Having one point of contact will give you peace of mind, allow you to spend more time with your team and help you enjoy your trip.

Ready to bring your team together?

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