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Frequently asked questions

What is NextRetreat?

NextRetreat assists companies and remote teams in planning and organizing their offsites, company retreats, and in-person meetups. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for retreat planning, encompassing everything from finding and booking unique venues to managing logistics and the finer details before and throughout the event.

With NextRetreat, you receive more than just a planning tool; you gain a partner in creating memorable and productive team trips. Our blend of technology, expert guidance, and attention to detail guarantees a seamless retreat planning experience.

What is NextRetreat Concierge?

NextRetreat Concierge is an exclusive offering tailored to teams, ranging from 20 to 500 members, seeking a personalized, expert-led approach to retreat planning. This package is particularly beneficial for those who seek to avoid the complexities of self-organization and wish to save time. Priced at 49€ per team member, our Concierge package encompasses an array of services:

  • Detailed research and creation of custom proposals that align with your team’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Comprehensive support in booking and managing various elements of your team trip, including accommodations, workspaces, catering, on-site transportation, and engaging activities.
  • Personalized assistance and expert advice from our experienced Retreat Specialists, ensuring your retreat is both enjoyable and aligned with your team’s goals.
  • Access to the NextRetreat app, our proprietary platform, for seamless collaboration with your team and Retreat Specialist. The app centralizes all trip details, efficiently manages team members’ details and travel information, organizes trip agendas, gathers team feedback through surveys, and more, simplifying the planning process and saving you valuable time.

How much does it cost to organize a team trip?

Determining the cost of organizing a team trip depends on several factors, making it difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate. The total expense can vary based on aspects like:

  • Destination: The chosen location for the trip.
  • Team Size: The number of people participating.
  • Length of Trip: How long the trip will last.
  • Requirements and Preferences: Specific needs and wants for the trip.
  • Company Budget: The financial resources allocated for the trip.

As a general guideline, companies typically spend between 1,000€ to 2,000€ per team member. To get a more tailored estimate for your trip, you can try our budget estimator here or contact our retreat specialists.

What is the difference between Curated venues and Featured venues?

NextRetreat’s inventory includes tens of thousands of properties vetted for suitability for team trips based on factors like ratings, proximity to the airport, and amenities important to our customers.

Curated Venues: These are the result of our advanced algorithm, which browses, filters, and labels properties meeting only the specific criteria. This list is designed to help refine your search, helping find a fit for your team’s needs.

Featured Venues: While algorithms are efficient, human insight is invaluable. Our Featured venues are handpicked based on their suitability for teams. These properties are either ones where we’ve had team bookings before or have been chosen by our retreat specialists for their ability to host teams effectively.

For a brief preview of our Featured venues, visit For a more comprehensive selection, including filters and our full venue inventory, explore the NextRetreat App.

How does your pricing work?

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing model. We ensure that prices for services like accommodation or activities are never artificially inflated. In fact, due to our strong network of providers and the group discounts we negotiate on behalf of our clients, our prices are often more favorable than those available through direct inquiries.

We also prioritize clarity in our fees, with no hidden charges. For our Concierge service, the fee is 49€ per team member. The NextRetreat Concierge PLUS, which also includes travel insurance, is priced at 59€ per team member.

How to list my venue on NextRetreat?

If you own a venue suitable for teams and are interested in listing it on NextRetreat, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply visit and provide us with the details about your venue. Our retreat specialists will review your submission, and once approved, your venue will be added to our platform, making it visible to all our customers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your venue to a wide audience looking for ideal team retreat locations.

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